Eagle Docks

Seasonal Dock and Boat Lift Service

Lake Vermilion is a lake of amazing beauty. Part of that beauty comes from its rocky and wooded shorelines. However, these same shorelines can create problems for seasonal removal and placement of docks and boat lifts. Why don’t you let Eagle Docks be part of the solution?

Eagle Docks has over 20 years experience in providing what we call “Dock and Boat Lift Service”. For most of our customers, the standard service is the removal of your boat lift and dock from the water each fall, and then each spring, placing them back into the water.

Our experienced staff utilizes a variety of equipment and watercraft to accomplish our service work, but our large barge, equipped with a hydraulic, two-piece 30-foot crane is clearly the workhorse of our organization! This barge/crane combination, along with our experience, can service most boat lift and dock configurations with ease.

Spring Service

Spring service work begins with “ice out” on Lake Vermilion. Docks and boat lifts are lowered into place and decking is installed.

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Fall Service

Fall service works begins on October 1. Decking is removed and stored on shore, and docks and lifts are raised for the winter.

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We currently service all of Lake Vermilion and have openings for new customers. Please give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we can further discuss your needs!


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