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Insurance Coverage

Eagle Docks is proud to declare that we are a “fully insured” company. But what does that really mean?

We hope the following can help answer some of your questions.

Workman’s Compensation Insurance

The workers’ compensation system in Minnesota provides benefits to employees if they become injured or ill from a job. Workers’ compensation covers injuries or illnesses caused or made worse by work or the workplace. Workers’ compensation benefits are paid regardless of any fault of either the employer or employee.

Workers’ compensation benefits are very broad, and cover such things as:

Clearly, this is comprehensive and expensive coverage and Eagle Docks pays for the entire cost of this insurance. It covers all Eagle Docks employees working on your property.

The fact that we carry this insurance provides protection for the homeowner in the event of an employee getting injured on your property. Without this coverage, injured employees often attempt to recover damages from the homeowner, as a remedy to cover expenses incurred by the injury. Not a pleasant prospect!

Eagle Docks will gladly provide proof of this insurance coverage, and can also provide the contact information for our insurance agent, should the homeowner desire.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Small contracting businesses such as Eagle Docks, also carry commercial general liability to help protect themselves, and their customers, from unforeseen events such as damage to your property, or injury to you or others as a result of our products or services.

Without this type of insurance, the homeowner may have little recourse should significant property damage or injury, occur, as a result of a contractor’s product or services.

Eagle Docks carries Commercial General Liability insurance specifically designed for Marine Services at a general aggregate limit of $2,000,000, and will gladly provide proof of this insurance coverage.

Call or E-Mail!

Eagle Docks would be happy to further discuss why these insurance policies are important and how they help protect you and your valuable lakeshore property – just give us a call or drop us an e-mail!

The type of dock work we do is serious business, with numerous hazards, and our insurance coverage is just one more way of showing the customer that Eagle Docks is serious about earning your business!


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