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Eagle Docks is one of northern Minnesota's oldest and most respected dock companies, serving both the Tower and Cook ends of Lake Vermilion. Our products include:

Spring/Fall Service

Eagle Docks is Lake Vermilion’s largest provider of seasonal dock and boat lift service. In the fall, Eagle Docks removes hundreds of docks and boat lifts from the water, safely storing them on the lakeshore until spring arrives when we place them back in the water again. Peace of mind, convenience, and efficiency. That is what you get with Eagle Docks seasonal service!

Docks & Dock Repair

The centerpiece of our products is the time-tested “Lift-Out Dock System” which is uniquely suited for the rocky shorelines of northern Minnesota lakes. Eagle Docks has been manufacturing and installing these dock systems for over 20 years. We know how to do it right!


Barge Services

Eagle Docks operates a custom-made barge on Lake Vermilion. Powered by twin diesel engines and utilizing a 30-foot articulated crane, the barge can be used for the delivery and placement of boat lifts, dock systems and tracks, and to bring equipment and material to any site on the lake.


We welcome your questions or requests for more information. Please call us at (218) 753-2682 or email

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